Splayed leg spacer (3 sizes) and two chick splints!

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This package deal includes Three sizes of splayed leg space correctors and two chick splints.

We recently had a customer message us specifically for a chick with splayed legs and this is the design we came up. She was very happy with our product and it corrected the chicks splay.

Our Splints are our design we came up with when one of our ducks broke her foot. We know what it's like to try and create your own homeade spacer and splints and it's not fun! Now you can be rest assured while raising your hatchlings!


Splayed Leg dimensions: 1 (1.0) 1 (1.25) 1 (1.50) 

Chick splint size: 2 (1.0)

How to use Splints:

(((Please gauze your animal's leg before applying the plastic splint and be sure the back talon is sticking out of the splint before you wrap it. We DID NOT wrap the talon in anything. This splint is designed to let it hang freely. )))) After applying the splint use animal wrap to secure everything in place.
We kept the splint on our broken ducks foot for a week and now she's getting around like nothing ever happened. This design is effective and extremely easy to apply. Everyday there's something new for us to learn and do to make things more efficient for the everyday farm life. We hope our product saves you time and eases your mind on possible future problems you may have occur.

Here's the video link for how to apply the splints: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=623335881954627&extid=xffyXL0iO8hhtlUh

How to use Spacer:

Lightly wrap the leg with vet wrap before applying any of the spacer. (You want to do this to make sure the plastic doesn't irritate or rub against the chicks leg). Put your rubber band through the entire spacer so both sides have a loop. The trick part now is getting the rubber on the chick with spacer. (Make adjustments to your rubber band as needed). If it's to large of a rubber band and not tight enough to hold up the spacer and stay on the chicks legs then be sure to tighten it.
The spacers are designed to help space the chicks legs as they should be. If you notice the feet are as well becoming turned and your concerned that they may be broken, it won't hurt to apply the chick splints in your pack.

The standard color we print these in is gray but don't be surprised if you receive one or two or even a whole pack in a different color! Our kids are learning how to print and they call the shots on what color to run. :)

Don't hesitate to message us with any questions you may have and we will answer them as fast as possible. We're here to help!

We do not accept returns at the moment due to the nature of the product and shipping costs but if you contact us about your issue we will make sure to make it right and we stand behind are products 100%. If you get a defective one and send us pictures of it, we will replace it for free or if you happen to order the wrong size just let us know, and we will do what we can to get you the right size at a unbeatable price. 

If you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to contact us @ branscum3dprinting@gmail.com


call or text 937-489-7947

Thank you for supporting are small business and we hope to help