Pop/Soda Can Cover Personalized

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Can lids! These were made out of the simple need for them! After several revisions of the original design, I can proudly say these will fit on a 12oz and 16oz can. (Message us if you would like them made in Redbull size)

Our can-lid design gives you the assurance that no bees or bugs will enter your drink. Also if you work in a dusty old factory-like I do you won't have to worry about debris falling into your drink. Or maybe you have to have a top on your drink in order for it to be allowed on the floor. Well, rest assured! We got you covered!

The can lids snap right to the rim of your drink and stay secured to the top. They even help prevent the bad spill effect! The benefits of using our can lids are endless.

If I forget my can lid at home then I'm lost for the entire day and refuse to drink canned pops at work.

These are also a must-have when mowing the grass! They help keep grass clippings out of your drink!

Just remember-With the price of what 2 cans of pop would cost you out of most vending machines; you can have the assurance your drink will be safe from debris or accidental mix-ups.

Don't forget to add your personalized saying or name :)

Also, don't forget that our products are dishwasher safe!

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We do not accept returns at the moment due to the nature of the product and shipping costs but if you contact us about your issue we will make sure to make it right and we stand behind our products 100%. If you get a defective one and send us pictures of it, we will replace it for free or if you happen to order the wrong size just let us know, and we will do what we can to get you the right size at an unbeatable price.

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