Front plates for splints

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The variations below are for the sizes of our standard-sized splints.

I also added a customized front plate option in case you had to get an off size splint made :) These are great for Avians with slipped tendons and helps decrease the tendon slipping in the splint. This add-on front plate slides over the splint as shown in the video.

We've had multiple customers having issues with badly slipped tendons this year for their Avians and we've come up with a solution. The front plate helps stabilize the tendon from sliding out of the splint for severe cases of tendon issues.

***Updated the listing! If you buy the Growing stage front plates you will receive the same size front plates for the same amount of splints in the Growing stage Set. You will receive 2-1.0in front plates, 1- 1.5in front plate, 1- 2.0in front plate, and 1- 2.5in front plate to go with your set.

How to use:

We recommend that you still gauze your Avian's leg before using any of our plastic splints. However when using one of the front plates we recommend that you gauze your animal's leg and then vet wrap it before applying for the splint and front plate.

In this case, you might have to bulk up the area where the tendon is dislocated that way the front plate can do its job and the tendon is not able to move between the splint and front plate.

After everything is secure and you know the tendon is not going to bend in any way apply another layer of vet wrap over the entire thing- covering the splint and front plate completely for extra security. (Remember, our splints are designed so the talon can hang freely out of the back of the splint. You do not need to wrap the talon with anything.)

Note: These do not come with the splints and are Front Plates only as a single. These do not come with 2 front plates just one. If you need two please order two plates. Thank you and we are going to try to make a video soon on how to use these. We do have a splint video that I will list at the bottom of this listing. The big thing with these is to be sure the tendon area is covered well enough so it won't move at all. Thanks!

-Branscums 3dPrinting