Foot Splint for Poultry missing a toe/toes-Covers all Avians

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I'm going to add the photos in the listing so you can see how to get the measurements. They are identical to the standard splint options :) Though they are the same measurements the splint will not go all the way up to the exact height. It will be made shorter. Please read the description as to why. :)

*I will add updated heights as soon as I can make them all.

My newest project was to come up with a solution for birds with missing toes only. As many of you know our original splints are made out of hard plastic and it's not too easy for animals to get around. We've had our fair share of requests lately for animals with missing toes so I wanted to try something different for a new customer who had a chicken with just a missing toe.

The missing toe wasn't too much of a problem for her initially, so we didn't worry about it until recently it became an issue and the chicken was having a hard time balancing with a middle missing toe. I sent out a splint for her and this new model and she gave me some great feedback on it so now I'm sharing this with our community for anyone who is having a similar issue.

The hard plastic splints we make are super tough and great for healing breaks amongst other issues but, it made it hard for the chicken to get around. This new listing is made out of TPU material instead of hard plastic. TPU is a rubber-based plastic that is flexible and yet stiff. It's a strange plastic but ultimately it helped the chicken continue its everyday life without hassle. Also, I did modify the design so the splint only supports around the foot and not the whole leg and foot. Since the area that needed support was specifically the foot I modified the design to help mainly support only the foot area. I am also about to make some other cool livestock vet supplies so save our shop for continuous updates :)

*Color may be random

Don't forget if you have any questions at all please send me a message and if you're not sure on size just send over your photos with measurements :)


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