Egg graber with hook and 5ft extendable rod.

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First time I have seen anything that has taken the worry out of finding eggs you know have probably been tucked away too long or that fear of wiggling into the tight corner of the coop to realize that snake you just seen has been stealing the eggs.
So this came after the basic goofball picker design but modified to pick up eggs that are bigger than a golf ball as most large eggs are so it has a large basket that should work fine with most backyard flocks and breeds. 
The pole is fully extendable and reaches up to 5ft at the hook. It is plenty strong enough for extra large eggs and your normal casual use but this is pretty new to us so if you do find a weak spot please let us know and we will make it right with you. 
We are here trying to keep building affordable solutions for the everyday person to make them not too pleasant chores get done a bit easier and more efficiently than what we grew up doing. 
We will probably offer these in a few variations to help keep them affordable as possible and hopefully get everyone one that would like one. 
Thanks for helping my small business stay alive and we are always looking forward to helping in any way possible.