Avian Prosthetic

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The price listed is for a single (two piece) prosthetic.

The Prosthetics are finally here! This year has been a tough year for many homesteaders. Many people have had their pets get frost bite and lose limbs/toes but don't worry. We got you covered. We offer 3 different designs depending on your pets specific need.

All you have to do is send us as many pictures of the leg/stud as you can with a (tape measure) so we can get round about measurement. This is a two piece splint that comes with a sleeve and bottom base. You will be receiving two pieces in your order.

Also, as you can see in the pictures these are adjustable. How cool is that!? We will supply the pins that go into the holes with the prosthetic and extra rubber bands. 

We ask that you gauze your animals stud and vet wrap before applying the sleeve. The gauze will keep your bird comfortable and the vet wrap will have a better outer texture that will stay on the sleeve better. The inside of the sleeve is a little rigid which is another reason we ask you use vet wrap over the gauze.

We won't be able to make a video of the prosthetics being used because we currently don't have any birds that need one :/ However, if you are a Youtuber or someone who wants to make a YouTube video showing how you use the prosthetic we will send you a free complete chicken splint set. Also, your video will be posted to this listing :)

Please send pictures with a tape measure as this is the most crucial. Your design will vary between the three designs or you may possibly need a completely different product designed.

The color does vary. However, if there is a specific color you have in mind please let us know. :)

You can e-mail us your photos at branscum3dprinting@gmail.com

Also, We do advise that you gauze and then vet wrap your animals leg before applying the sleeve. 



We do not accept returns at the moment due to the nature of the product and shipping costs but if you contact us about your issue we will make sure to make it right and we stand behind are products 100%. If you get a defective one and send us pictures of it, we will replace it for free or if you happen to order the wrong size just let us know, and we will do what we can to get you the right size at a unbeatable price. 

If you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to contact us @ branscum3dprinting@gmail.com


call or text 937-489-7947

Thank you for supporting are small business and we hope to help you all.