Rooster/Turkey Splints

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These splints are designed to help with broken feet, curled toes, tendon issues, arthritis's from old age, and to just help brace the leg and foot for the quick-growing breeds that are known to have leg and feet issues from genetics.

We will be updating our photos on here in a few days on what pictures we will need. We still need all these areas measured but please try to send clear photo's with a tape measure. We know it's hard but we would like to send you the most accurate size that you need. One of the most crucial pictures is the one that will go up the leg. The spacing between the spar and talon is very important and we need to create that accurately. As I mentioned we will be updating the pictures very soon. Also, I will post a video link from a YouTuber who bought our Turkey splints and made a video! Thanks!

How to use Splints:

(((Please gauze your animal's leg before applying the plastic splint and be sure the back talon is sticking out of the splint before you wrap it. We DID NOT wrap the talon in anything. This splint is designed to let it hang freely. )))) After applying the splint use animal wrap to secure everything in place.

We kept the splint on our broken duck's foot for a week and now she's getting around like nothing ever happened. This design is effective and extremely easy to apply. Every day there's something new for us to learn and do to make things more efficient for everyday farm life. We hope our product saves you time and eases your mind on possible future problems you may have happened.

We are continuing to modify our listings as much as possible but please be patient with us and if you have any additional questions feel free to message us! Thanks!


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